NaturalGear© is science. It's not art, so don't make it look like art. Its pattern is a non-manipulated, soft-edged photographic image of natural elements. It has the colors of nature, without all the technical "artistic" details (sticks and leaves) that clutter other camouflage patterns. We simply refuse to cave-in to the whims of merchandising. If you want to make a fashion statement by wearing the "latest" sticks-and-leaves artwork, so be it. If you want to disappear naturally, with a pattern that's open, soft, shadow-free, versatile, and totally devoid of sticks-and-leaves, wear NaturalGear©!

Our three camo patterns give you the versatility to blend in with any terrain.




The Law of Change:

natural swatchSome things never change - like the laws of nature - and our NaturalGear©.

Mother Nature's camouflage stays
the same year after year-so does NaturalGear©. We haven't
changed our camo pattern since the day it was introduced in 1994. It's human nature to change camo patterns every year-that's why we don't do it. We follow Mother Nature, not Human Nature.

The Law of Tone:

NaturalGear© uses the optimal natural tone sample
base tone found in nature.

Because NaturalGear© is photographically derived, it has a natural base tone that is not too light and not too dark.

Other camo patterns are artists' renditions and tend to be too dark.

The Law of Gravity:

Our camouflage pattern is vertical-just like trees and grass in nature. Thanks to gravity, things that grow (trees, bushes, grass), grow vertically. Ask any deer hunter how to spot a deer in the woods and he'll tell you to look for horizontal lines, which stand out among all the vertical lines. NaturalGear© has a distinct vertical orientation, which helps it blend into the natural environment. Other camo patterns used to have a vertical orientation, but they covered it up with sticks and leaves.

The Law of Shadows:

They occur naturally, so you don't need them in your camo pattern.

In an effort to create shelf appeal, other camo makers have incorporated shadows into their patterns. Unfortunately, if you happen to be hunting in an open area, those shadows are way too dark and cause you to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. Shadows occur naturally. That's why there are no shadows in the NaturalGear© pattern.

The Law of Definition:

sample photoWhat an animal can't focus on, it can't identify. One way an animal identifies an object as friend or foe is by shape or image. NaturalGear© has soft, blurry edges that are hard to focus on. This confuses the identification process, and your quarry can't see you to determine if you're friend or foe.

Try the Peripheral
Vision Test:

Focus on an object. Notice how everything in your peripheral vision loses definition and becomes blurry. Thanks to soft edges, NaturalGear© has this blur effect naturally built into its pattern.

The Law of Open:

The more clutter you add to a camo pattern, the darker it gets at a distance. Look at sticks-and-leaves camo pattern close-up, and it looks fine. But, get it out into the woods and look at it from a distance, and the images all start to merge into a dark mass. That's because the pattern is too cluttered. The NaturalGear© pattern is much more "open." Because of the lack of clutter, it resists long-range merging and will never give you away by going dark at a distance, like a sticks-and-leaves pattern can.

sample photo

The Law of Versatility:

Keep it simple, and it will work virtually anywhere..
The more complex a camo pattern, the more situation-specific it becomes. Wear a sticks-and-leaves camo pattern in a grassy field or cattail slough, and you'll stick out like a raisin on white bread. NaturalGear© contains a subtle blend of tones and shades in a simple-and-effective pattern that's scientifically designed to make you disappear in all kinds of situations. That's what makes NaturalGear© so versatile-it's scientific simplicity.

The History:

This is were it all started..
In 1994, NaturalGear© started with the idea that camouflage clothing should be more like the natural surroundings and not just one type fits all terrains. Natural Gear's scientifically designed camo gear was created by observing nature. The line began simply with shirts, pants, jackets, and caps but as word spread through the southeast, dealers and consumers started demanding the product. With this increased interest, Natural Gear expanded what was offered--all of them designed with the "Science of Nature" in mind. The line of products may have changed over the years but the patterns have not because they work.