Fleece Hood - 166

Windproof Fleece Hood

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* 100% 400gram anti pilling Winter Ceptor Micro Fleece
* Deep Neck Design for Extra Protection
* Built in elastic protection panel

Natural Gear’s Winter Ceptor Fleece is the real deal. It has all the warmth of heavy hunting gear without the bulk or immobility that some heavy hunting garments carry. No matter where you are hunting this fleece can handle it. With our breathable membrane laminated between two layers of fleece, this product is impenetrable to any wind or water heading its way. You will be impressed with the warmth and silence of this fleece and with it available in a number of quality garments, all in our Natural camouflage pattern, you will be set no matter what you are up to.

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hunting wear
Im just droping in to say, this is the best camo out there any where.

From: Kjoganic@msn.com | Created on: 11/27/2011 8:19 PM

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